If You Are Going To Change You Have To Manage Your Relationships

One of the hardest things to do is make a change if your friends and family are not on board. It’s like trying to canoe upstream! What can you do? Here are three ideas.

1. Sit down and ask them for help – Share with them how sincere you are about making a change. Explain to them that you need help with triggers and temptation. Hopefully, they will cooperate with you and not trip you up in your effort to overcome your habit. If they seem cooperative perhaps you could enlist them to be an accountability partner, an encourager or even a participant in the same program with you.

2. Change your patterns – Sometimes it is hard for our friends and family to change. For example, you may be trying to stay away from drinking, yet going out with your family and/or friends on Friday nights to the bar is a long time tradition. The best solution is to keep the friendships tight but see them a different place or time. If you have stopped sugar and processed flour and everyone is eating your Aunt’s favorite pie she baked for you, thank her for her kindness and respectfully decline. Hopefully, they will understand. Remember this is your survival and it must come first!

3. Be prepared for fallout – You are an adult and as one, you may have to make choices that have unpleasant consequences. Every home has some dysfunction and your family and friends just may not understand why you are making such a drastic habit change. That is their problem. You have resolved to make this change and it must come first. You can love them without giving into to behavior that activities that will cause you to relapse. As you change and your new habits stick you will find that your loving attitude will allow a continued relationship.

What do you think? Have you struggled to try to change and have had friends or family become a hindrance? What did you do?


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