6 Steps To Changing a Habit – Step 2 Pick Your Team


We are looking at the 6 Steps to Changing a Habit. Today it is Step 2 – PICK YOUR TEAM – Get the support you need

You have your habits listed and have set your goals. Now you need to get a support team around you.

Commitment is important and there is nothing better for accountability than to tell some of your friends and relatives about your goal! There are usually three types of people that will be involved with you.

Group 1 – Those that will support you and encourage you.

Group 2 – Those for whatever reason will hinder you, are a trigger, will discourage you or ridicule and get in your way.

Group 3 – Those that are in between

Let’s look at the groups again and see what you can do.

Group 1 – This is a group of people that you feel will be encouragers and supporters of what you are trying to do. Look at your list and let those you feel comfortable with know what is going on and solicit their encouragement. They can help create an environment that will help you succeed. Perhaps one of them can be an accountability partner and check in on you. Perhaps someone has been down the same road and could be a mentor. Make a list and get them on your team.

Group 2 – The second list is made up of people who could potentially hinder your progress. Try to avoid them if possible. This is important. Avoid them if possible at least until you have the new habit change well established.  However, your list may include people that you cannot avoid. They are heavily involved in your life. If so, are there any of those persons that you could win over as support for you? If not support would they agree at least not to hinder you? If so, that would be wonderful. However, there is a strong chance that some just might not be willing (or don’t know how) to help you. Take eating sugary treats for instance. If your best friend is in the same boat, they may not be at a mindset where they want to quit. However, they may be willing not tempt you and allow you to eat the new kinds of food you are enjoying without giving you a hassle.

Others that you don’t think you can win over will need to be handled in a way that you are not hindered in your goal. It may be changing schedules, lovingly take a stand and keep to your commitment or if needed (if possible) avoid them as much as you can until your new behavior is solidly in place.

Group 3 – This is a group of people that are in between. They are not a supporter or a hindrance. This could be due to the fact that your life doesn’t intersect with them in that area you are trying to change so you should be able to move ahead without much interruption. Others, since they are in the middle, you should try to talk them into being your ally in this endeavor. Still, others do not need to know what you are doing. After all, not everyone needs to know about the habits you are breaking or ones that you are adding to your life.

Others that should be on your team – When you think of a support team, depending on the severity of your habit challenge, there are others that you should solicit help from. Here are some suggestions.

Support groups – There are support groups for almost any kind of habit. Of course, the most well-known are the Twelve Step groups. There are Twelve Step groups for all kinds of situations. Most weight loss programs have support groups. There is also a whole online support system for many different issues. Start with a google search and see if there are any in your area. A support group could be a huge help to you in accomplishing your goal.

 Sponsor/mentor/coach – There are many people who have succeeded at what you are trying to do. Perhaps one of them would be a great fit for you and they could be a source of motivation, encouragement, and wisdom as you move forward.

Don’t try to do a difficult habit challenge on your own. Solicit all the help you can and create a team that will encourage and support you during this journey.


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