6 Steps To Changing A Habit – Step 3 Aquire Tools and Knowledge

1 (2)Changing a habit or adding a new one is a large undertaking. We are looking at 6 steps that will help in this process. This is Step 3

Tools and knowledge – start learning now
There is a learning curve in any worthwhile endeavor. Adding a new habit or changing an existing one is no exception.

Adding or dropping a habit – Habits are made up of a stimulus, a response, and a reward. When it comes to the habit you are trying to change there is no doubt a strong trigger or you would not be reading this article. There is a continuum of craving that exists with any habit. The stronger the urge, the more the craving, the more support, tools, and knowledge you will need to overcome it.

When you think of the habit you are trying to drop, rate the strength of the urge to participate in the habit on a scale 1-5

1——2—–3—–4—–5 The stronger the urge the more you will need knowledge and tools.

Knowledge – There are many books and other materials that you can find that talk about habits. There are also many books, videos, and articles that you can study. Of course, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the knowledge. Unfortunately, it can get confusing when you are studying various opinions at the same time. You can also get what is called, “Paralysis of analysis.” This is where you have information overload and never get about making changes.

What do you need to learn in order to be successful?

Tools – There are many tools that can assist with many different kinds of habits. Computer software, apps for your phone, workbooks, groups and various meetings are tools that you can use to maintain your new goal. Depending on the habit there may be equipment that can make a difference in your success or not. How often we approach a project and become discouraged because it is taking too long where the right kind of tool could reduce the time spent and be more encouraging to you as you attempt to succeed at your habit challenge. Like knowledge, you can distract from your goal by having to learn new tools or to try out different ones. There is a time for research and experimenting to stop and move on to the habit challenge.

What tools are you going to use?

What are you going to read, listen to, attend or watch that will help you in accomplishing your new habit?

Changing a habit or adding a new one just doesn’t happen by itself. Prepare yourself and get the knowledge and tools that will give you a great chance at success.