About Us

I have been a change agent all my life. It wasn’t until 1995 when one of the early issues of Fast Company magazine came out with an article on a corporate change that I knew the name of my malady. You know, the behavior that would get me into so much trouble. What caused me to keep poking, tweaking and meddling when I thought things were not right or could be so much better. The magazine did an article on a corporate man who they described as a “change agent.” I had never heard of the term, but the more I read the more I knew it was talking about me. By then I had already been in youth work as a minister and saw much change in the life of students that I worked with. I had participated in undergrad and graduate work in Psychology and was working in the non-profit arena in the area of marketing and development. I was on my third organization that was over 50 years old, one over a hundred. I had become an expert in visioning for organizations and was consulting with other non-profits. Since that day, I have studied change, both organizationally and personally. For the last thirteen years, I found myself back in the church world helping lead churches through the labyrinth of change in a post-modern society. I have authored and led a year-long program called Emotional Relearning which gets to the believes, assumptions and predictions that foster a lot of our habits. As a Recovery Coach, I have been able to work long-term with hundreds of people suffering from addictions, depression, anxiety and see significant change. It is my desire that we can use this blog and other social media to help others change their lives as well.

Mr. Change Agent is a blog about change. Whether it is self-improvement, turning around an organization, or influencing situations you are in, there are principles of change that we can apply.

Things are the way they are for reasons – This is the first principle of change. You need to find out what is going on. You need to be your own change agent. That is what this blog is for.

Nothing changes, nothing changes – Change doesn’t happen by accident. You must take action. This blog will give you all sort of hints, suggestions, and ways to change whatever it is you want to change. But you must act. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Baby Steps – We are always looking for the magic pill. The one-stop solution to all our problems but change doesn’t work that way. Sure there will be moments of inspiration, the Aha’s that change the trajectory of our life but there are still well-worn pathways of thinking and behavior that need to be retrained. Practice, practice and more practice makes for maturity and change.

Things you can do – The goal of this blog is to dialog about change. We want to identify positive things you can do to change what you want to change. Look for books, videos, products, webinars, all sorts of help in order that you can make the change you desire.

Join the change revolution! – Things are changing rapidly across all sectors of life and yet many of us are stuck in our own ruts. It is time for a change. There is hope. Let’s go down this path of change together.